Make Calls to Ensure a Fair and Open Impeachment Trial in the Senate

The Mueller report confirmed what we already knew: Trump abused his authority, violated the law, and tried repeatedly to obstruct justice. Now, Trump has been accused by multiple whistleblowers of asking leaders of foreign governments to interfere with our election system by digging up dirt on his political opponents. Donald Trump is a criminal. These activities are impeachable offenses. And he himself has admitted to them, openly, on camera.

Nancy Pelosi has announced that a formal impeachment inquiry is underway, but our work is far from over to ensure Trump is held accountable for his numerous crimes. It's absolutely essential that the Senate holds a fair and open impeachment trial that allows for the full array of evidence to be presented and considered -- but Mitch McConnell is the one who gets to set the rules for the trial -- and frankly, we don't trust him to do it fairly. That's why we've got to demand that Senators publicly support a fair and open impeachment trial. Use this form to sign up for a shift making calls to voters in key areas to connect them directly to their Senators to make this important ask.

You can volunteer from anywhere, and we'll follow up and make sure you have everything you need to contact voters once you sign up. In order to volunteer, folks will need access to a computer or tablet to log in to our remote phone-banking system as well as a phone to actually make the calls. RSVP for one or multiple shifts -- any amount of time you can commit to calling makes a real difference in this critical fight to protect our democracy.

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