Ask Your Senators to Take a Stand Against Supreme Court Corruption.

The Supreme Court has a corruption problem. 

Clarence Thomas has been accepting lavish gifts and luxury vacations from far-right billionaires who want to buy influence over the court. Brett Kavanaugh had his debts mysteriously paid off before his confirmation hearings. 

And now, Samuel Alito has been caught flying symbols associated with the January 6 insurrection at his homes, on at least two separate occasions.

He was displaying his loyalty to the MAGA Movement for his whole neighborhood to see at the same time that the Supreme Court was considering whether or not to take up Trump’s election challenge lawsuit. And now,  the Supreme Court is about to release decisions on two more cases related to January 6, including whether or not Trump has immunity for his role in inciting the whole thing. 

It’s clear that Alito cannot be a fair and impartial arbiter of the law. In fact, our democracy is in danger the longer he is on the bench. He cannot be allowed to rule on any cases related to Trump – especially if there’s an election challenge that makes it to the court this November. 

We need Congress to act now to hold Alito, and all the corrupt MAGA justices, accountable. The Senate Judiciary Committee called on Alito to recuse himself and requested a meeting with Chief Justice Roberts, but they both refused. 

The Judiciary Committee cannot let their investigation end there. They must subpoena both Alito and Roberts to uncover the truth about MAGA corruption on the court. 

Fill out this form right now to email your Senators. Tell them that you’re outraged by the corruption on the Supreme Court and that you expect them to call on the Senate Judiciary Committee to do their job and thoroughly investigate corruption on the court, including issuing subpoenas for Alito and Roberts. 

Email Text:

I’m a constituent and I’m outraged by the corruption on the Supreme Court.

Samuel Alito has shown time and time again that his loyalty is to Donald Trump and the MAGA movement. Yet, he’s ruling on cases related to January 6, like whether or not Trump has immunity for inciting the insurrection.

We cannot trust him to be an impartial arbiter of the law and we cannot trust the Supreme Court while he is on the bench.

I’m counting on you to call on Senator Durbin and the Senate Judiciary Committee to do everything in their power to investigate Alito and the other corrupt MAGA justices. They must uncover the truth and hold these justices accountable.

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