NO TO NETANYAHU: Tell your members of Congress not to attend the speech


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted an invitation to give a joint address to Congress, and it’s expected this will happen sometime before the August recess. 

But Netanyahu should not be given this platform. He has used the war in Gaza for his own political gain, insisting on a prolonged military response that has led to the suffering and deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians and has not prioritized reuniting hostages with their families. Even President Biden acknowledges it is "completely reasonable" to understand Netanyahu’s motivation for continuing the war as political. 

Netanyahu brags about meddling in US politics, and has used past appearances before Congress to undermine President Obama and sabotage other critical peace processes. We should expect he’d do the same now. President Biden has laid out a peace deal and is encouraging all parties at the table to take it - the US must use more leverage to close that deal, not give Netanyahu a platform to play partisan politics. 

Members of Congress must send a clear message that they do not support the continued bloodshed and slaughter of innocent Palestinians or Netanyahu's disregard for returning hostages to their loved ones. 

Email your member now. 

Tell Your Members:

I am outraged that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being given the opportunity to address Congress. 

Netanyahu is corrupt and continuing the war in Gaza for his own political gain. His relentless bombings of hospitals and refugee camps have killed tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians. He has made it clear that he is more interested in his far-right agenda than in bringing an end to the brutal war and securing the release of the hostages. Having him speak to Congress would undermine efforts by President Biden and the international community to end the war and get desperately needed aid to the people of Gaza. 

I expect them to say No to Netanyahu and skip his address. They must send a clear message to him that they do not support his prolonged war or the bloodshed it has caused and take a stand in support of a ceasefire. 

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