Write a Letter to the Editor Warning Your Community that No Labels is a Threat to Our Democracy

  • Context

    In case you missed the recent memo from Third Way on how No Labels’ plan will re-elect Donald Trump, catch up here. But, here’s the TLDR: No Labels has made clear that their new plan is to put a Republican at the top of their “unity” ticket — and because they can’t win the presidency outright, they now plan to have power over the eventual nominee by denying both parties the 270 Electoral College Votes (ECVs) they need to win, throwing the decision about who becomes the next president to the House of Representatives, and ensuring a second Donald Trump term.

    Their strategy is dangerous — and with the news that they’ve secured a place on the ballot in North Carolina, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, and Utah — and have their sights set on all 50,  it’s time to sound the alarm and ensure voters see through their empty talk of unity.

    Submit a letter to the editor now demystifying No Labels’ strategy for your neighbors and warn them about how dangerous it is for our democracy. 

  • Talking Points

    Shift in Strategy: No Labels initially claimed their bipartisan ticket was not a spoiler but aimed to win. However, their recent shift to putting a Republican at the top of their ticket reveals a radical change in strategy.

    Leverage Over the Winner: No Labels now aims to deny both major parties 270 Electoral College Votes, exercising leverage over the election outcome. This strategy, if successful, could pave the way for a second term for Donald Trump.

    Evidence of Spoiler Effect: No Labels' own polling data and statements indicate that their candidate, regardless of party affiliation, cannot win outright and would act as a spoiler, aiding Trump's chances.

    Preventing Biden's Victory: No Labels' data suggests that their strategy, particularly with a Republican at the helm, prevents Biden from winning battleground states outside of Pennsylvania, ensuring a challenging path for the Democratic candidate.

    Intent to Pick a Republican: CEO Nancy Jacobson's statements, as reported by The New York Times, affirm No Labels' intention to nominate a moderate Republican. This choice aligns with their chart, indicating a Republican-led ticket as the path to victory in battleground states.

    Contingent Election Plan: No Labels acknowledges their inability to win 270 electoral votes. Their contingency plan involves triggering a contingent election, a risky strategy that could lead to chaos and potential manipulation.

    Potential Chaos in House Delegation Vote: A contingent election in the House could lead to chaos, especially in the aftermath of the Big Lie and January 6th insurrection. A House delegation vote would currently favor Republicans, further complicating the electoral process.

    Unreliable Polling: No Labels' polling methodology is criticized as unreliable or possibly biased. Skepticism is warranted, and citizens should be cautious about accepting their figures at face value.

    Dangerous and Divisive Direction: No Labels' new strategy is deemed more dangerous and divisive than their original scheme. Engaging with this plan jeopardizes the goal of defeating Trump and protecting democracy.

  • Writing Tips

    Focus on one topic. If you have two, write a second letter.

    Obey those word count limits. If your letter gets long, write a second letter.

    Be clear and concise—you only have around 200 words or less to make your point.

    Be yourself. You don’t need to talk like an academic or a policy expert. Remember, you’re a smart, passionate constituent who’s paying attention, one who other constituents might identify with—and that’s the most powerful thing you can be.

    For more letter writing tips, check out this resource.

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