Write a Letter to the Editor on Trump's Dangerous Positions on Abortion

  • Context

    Throughout this election cycle, a number of media outlets have given Trump a huge political gift by downplaying his anti-abortion stance or portraying him as a moderate on the issue.

    While Trump has intentionally tried to avoid the issue on the campaign trail because abortion bans are incredibly unpopular, his views on abortion are not a mystery. In fact, the New York Times is now reporting that Trump has privately told advisers he’ll back a nationwide ban.

    It’s vital that voters know where Trump stands on these issues so that they can make an informed choice in November – not one clouded by the media’s abetment of his calibrated vagueness.

    Let’s look at the facts, even before his recent reporting. Trump stacked the Supreme Court with the extreme right-wing, anti-abortion judges who struck down Roe. Then he bragged about it: “I’m the one who got rid of Roe v. Wade!”

    In the past, he said women who get abortions should be punished with criminal penalties, and when pressed about whether he’ll sign a ban if reelected, he’s pledged, “We’ll get something done.”

    Trump's positions on abortion are clear, and the impact is life-threatening. Write a letter to the editor now to set the record straight and inform your neighbors about Donald Trump’s true position on abortion.

  • Talking Points

    Media outlets across the country have suggested recently that Trump’s position on abortion is moderate. The truth is that his positions on our reproductive freedom are clear and extreme.

    Trump's Explicit Statements: Trump advocated for punishment for women having abortions, showing a clear stance. He called for a national abortion ban and took credit for extreme 6-week bans across the country. Now the New York Times is reporting he's decided to back a nationwide ban in his second term.

    Judicial Appointments: Trump appointed one-third of Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v. Wade, as he promised. These appointments reflect right-wing ideologues out of touch with public opinion.

    Trump's Boasts about overturning Roe: Trump boasts about appointing justices and overturning Roe v. Wade at every opportunity. His quote, "I’m the one who got rid of Roe v. Wade," emphasizes his active role in this decision.

    Previous Advocacy for a National Abortion Ban: Trump, during his tenure, supported a national abortion ban that could have criminalized doctors, putting them in jail.

    Campaign Spokesperson's Confirmation: Trump's campaign spokesperson affirms his commitment to pro-life actions, including nominating judges to overturn Roe v. Wade.

    Deadly Consequences: Trump's commitment to overturning Roe and criminalizing abortion has life-threatening consequences. Media outlets should prioritize informing the public about the real risks associated with Trump's extreme stance.

    Call for Accountability: We all have a responsibility to inform voters of Trump's true, extreme record on this critical issue.

    Repetition of Trump's Stance: Despite any perceived vulnerability, Trump has consistently communicated his stance on reproductive freedom. It is crucial for voters to take his words seriously and understand the potential impact on their rights.

  • Writing Tips

    Focus on one topic. If you have two, write a second letter.

    Obey those word count limits. If your letter gets long, write a second letter.

    Be clear and concise—you only have around 200 words or less to make your point.

    Be yourself. You don’t need to talk like an academic or a policy expert. Remember, you’re a smart, passionate constituent who’s paying attention, one who other constituents might identify with—and that’s the most powerful thing you can be.

    For more tips, check out this resource.

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