Write a Letter to the Editor about Kate Cox, Brittany Watts, and the Harsh Reality of Republicans' Abortion Laws

  • Context

    The overturning of Roe v. Wade has opened the floodgates for state laws that are trapping women in nightmare scenarios. Brittany Watts in Ohio and Kate Cox in Texas are the faces of this horror show. Brittany was hauled into court after a stillbirth, and Kate battled the system for a life-saving abortion only to be denied at every step. These aren't just isolated cases; they're a window into a world where women's health is on the line, and Republican promises about health exceptions are nothing but hot air.

    It's time to call it like it is: These laws aren't just failing women; they're pushing us back to the dark ages. The scare tactics about "death panels" from the ACA days? Guess what, they're here, and they're wearing the robes of the MAGA-led Supreme Court.

    On the campaign trail, Republicans like Donald Trump will try to appear moderate by talking about the "exceptions," but the "exceptions" are a mirage. And it's our responsibility to make sure our neighbors know it.

    The game plan is clear: We need to take back the House, retain our Senate majority, keep Joe Biden in the Oval Office, scrap the filibuster, and make Roe v. Wade the law of the land. This isn't just politics; it's a fight for our rights, our health, and our lives. Submit a letter to the editor now to tell your neighbors what's at stake.

  • Talking Points

    Highlight the Real-Life Impact of Restrictive Laws: Use the cases of Brittany Watts in Ohio and Kate Cox in Texas to demonstrate how women are facing serious legal and health consequences under current abortion laws.

    Challenge the Misleading Narrative of Health Exceptions: Emphasize that the promised health exceptions in these laws are not being honored in practice, putting women's lives at risk.

    Draw Parallels with Past Republican Rhetoric: Point out the irony in Republicans' past fearmongering about "death panels" in the Affordable Care Act, compared to the current situation where women are denied life-saving medical care.

    Stress the Urgency for Political Action: Argue that the only effective solution is to elect more Democrats to Congress, reelect Joe Biden, eliminate the filibuster, and codify Roe v. Wade into law.

    Encourage Personal and Emotional Appeals: Suggest that writers share personal stories or express how the issue affects them or their community, as personal narratives can be powerful.

    Call Out the Hypocrisy and Misinformation: Urge writers to expose the contradictions and misinformation in the anti-abortion rhetoric and policies -- i.e., point to Republicans focusing on "exceptions," when the recent news shows that exceptions are generally a myth.

    Advocate for Women’s Health and Rights: Remind readers that this issue is about protecting fundamental human rights, including the right to health care and bodily autonomy.

    Promote Inclusive and Compassionate Policies: Highlight the need for policies that respect and protect all women, regardless of their circumstances.

    Use Clear and Direct Language: Encourage activists to write in a straightforward, accessible style to connect with a broader audience.

    End with a Call to Action: Each letter should conclude with a clear call to action, urging readers to support specific political actions or policy changes.

  • Writing Tips

    Focus on one topic. If you have two, write a second letter.

    Obey those word count limits. If your letter gets long, write a second letter.

    Be clear and concise—you only have around 200 words or less to make your point.

    Be yourself. You don’t need to talk like an academic or a policy expert. Remember, you’re a smart, passionate constituent who’s paying attention, one who other constituents might identify with—and that’s the most powerful thing you can be.

    For more letter writing tips, check out this resource.

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