Write Your LTE on the Stakes of the 2024 Election

  • Context

    This year, America is at a crossroads. We know what a return to Trump and MAGA dominance in our government will mean: an unprecedented assault on our democracy and bodily autonomy. Donald Trump and his allies have already laid out their plans to be a dictator on day one in their "Project 2025" manifesto. To prevent this, we need voters across the country to understand the threat and be mobilized to prevent it.

    Republicans are working hard to distract the electorate from the unpopular extremism at the core of their campaign for 2024. We know the truth: If elected, Republicans, led by Donald Trump, will attack our institutions and elections and advance a national abortion ban. These are central pillars of the MAGA agenda, despite being deeply unpopular with voters. That’s why Republicans are going to great lengths to orient the election around conspiracies and attacks on immigrants.

    In order to win this year, we have to start early -- shouting our message from every platform we can find. Donald Trump is a danger to our democracy, and MAGA Republicans are coming for our rights. The stakes in this election are nothing short of existential, and it’s our job to make sure that our neighbors and communities know it.

    Write your letter to the editor today to spread the word in your community about the stakes of this election and how important it is to get involved and -- above all else -- vote to defeat MAGA. We can’t win if voters don’t know what’s on the line.

  • Talking Points
    • Donald Trump and the End of Roe v. Wade: Donald Trump is the man who killed Roe v. Wade, ending decades of protections for reproductive rights. If reelected, he will work with MAGA Republicans in Congress to pass a national abortion ban, threatening to prosecute doctors and patients, and further eroding our bodily autonomy.

    • The Big Lie and the Assault on Democracy: Republicans are waging a war on our elections. The Big Lie of 2020 is now the driving force behind their domestic agenda. If they win, we stand to lose our votes and our voices in our government, marking an unprecedented assault on our democratic institutions and processes.

    • Project 2025 Exposed: The "Project 2025" manifesto outlines Donald Trump and his allies' extreme plans to use measures like the Insurrection Act to undermine civil rights and leverage military power to shut down dissent. This is a clear signal of their intentions to dismantle democracy from within.

    • Call to Defend Our Rights and Democracy: The 2024 election represents a critical juncture for American democracy and the protection of reproductive rights. Active participation in the electoral process is essential to prevent the further implementation of MAGA's authoritarian and extremist policies.

    • MAGA's Unpopular Extremist Agenda: Despite the clear unpopularity of their extremist agenda, including a national abortion ban and attacks on democratic processes, MAGA Republicans continue to distract the electorate with conspiracy theories and xenophobic rhetoric.

    • The Existential Stakes of the 2024 Election: This election is about more than just political differences—it's about preserving the fundamental principles of democracy and protecting the rights to our bodies and our freedom. The consequences of inaction are too dire to contemplate.

  • Writing Tips

    Focus on one topic. If you have two, write a second letter.

    Obey those word count limits. If your letter gets long, write a second letter.

    Be clear and concise -- you only have around 250 words or less to make your point.

    Be yourself. You don’t need to talk like an academic or a policy expert. Remember, you’re a smart, passionate constituent who’s paying attention, one who other constituents might identify with -- and that’s the most powerful thing you can be.

    For more letter writing tips, check out this resource.

  • Sample: Our freedoms and our democracy are on the line this November
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