Help expose Republicans' extreme attacks on IVF

  • Context

    In a move that has sent shockwaves through communities across the nation, the state of Alabama recently declared frozen embryos to be equivalent to living children, setting a precedent that imperils reproductive technologies like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and has already resulted in nearly all of the state’s clinics halting the procedure. This state-level action mirrors the troubling ethos behind the federal Life at Conception Act, a bill championed by Republican Representatives to define human life as beginning at fertilization. Such a definition would not only outlaw abortion but also end IVF as we know it. This convergence of state and federal actions underscores just the latest attack in a long line of MAGA attacks on our reproductive rights and the freedom of individuals to make decisions about their bodies and families.

    As the November election approaches, it is crucial that we make sure our friends and neighbors understand the continued threats to our reproductive rights and the broader implications of these legislative efforts. Letters to the Editor in local newspapers can be pivotal in raising awareness. Check if your Republican representative has cosponsored the Life at Conception Act. If they have, submit a letter to the editor to your local paper to inform your neighbors about their dangerous vision for our reproductive rights and the impact it could have on IVF. This is a critical moment to make our voices heard and make the choice that voters have in front of them stark.

  • Talking Points
    • Alabama's Precedent: Alabama's recent decision to equate frozen embryos with living children represents a significant escalation in the battle over reproductive rights. This action challenges the legality of IVF and sets a precedent for similar measures nationwide.
    • Definition and Implications of the Life at Conception Act: The Life at Conception Act aims to legally define human life starting at fertilization. Such a definition threatens to outlaw abortion and IVF as we know it, mirroring the restrictive stance taken by Alabama on reproductive technologies.
    • Impact on IVF and Reproductive Rights: The actions in Alabama, coupled with the federal push for the Life at Conception Act, could have dire consequences for IVF, making it extremely difficult or even illegal for many to access this vital reproductive service. This threatens not just reproductive autonomy but also the dreams of countless families hoping to conceive through IVF.
    • Broad Implications for Reproductive Health: Beyond IVF, these legislative efforts signal a broader attack on reproductive rights, potentially affecting access to contraceptives, fertility treatments, and abortion services. The implications of such legislation are far-reaching, affecting aspects of reproductive health care that many have taken for granted.
    • Republican Hypocrisy and Community Values: Highlight the contradiction between Republican claims of supporting family values and/or IVF and their endorsement of legislation that undermines the ability of many families to form. Emphasize the importance of reproductive freedom and the right to make personal decisions about our bodies, reproductive rights, and our futures.
    • The Stakes of November: Make clear the stakes of the November election. 
  • Writing Tips
    • Be Clear and Concise: Keep your letter focused and to the point. Express your main idea in the first few sentences.
    • Personalize Your Letter: Share your personal story or connection to the issue. Personal stories are powerful and can make your letter stand out.
    • Use Facts and Figures: Support your arguments with relevant data and credible sources to strengthen your case.
    • Be Respectful: While assertiveness is important, avoid personal attacks. Focus on the issue.
    • Call to Action: End your letter with a clear call to action. What do you want readers or the targeted representative to do?
    • Follow Guidelines: Every publication has specific guidelines for letters to the editor. Make sure to follow these instructions regarding length, submission format, and contact information.
  • Sample: Republican legislation threatens IVF treatment nationwide
  • Sample: Republican legislation threatens IVF treatment nationwide
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