Email Your Members of Congress and Tell Them to Publicly Call for a Humanitarian Ceasefire

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Indivisible has joined the global community in expressing our horror and grief at the loss of over 1,400 Israelis, Americans, and foreign citizens in Hamas' horrific attacks on October 7 and echoed calls for all hostages to be released immediately. 

Since then, the humanitarian situation in Gaza has deteriorated catastrophically with Israel's ongoing bombardment and blockade of life-sustaining supplies like water, food, medicine, and power. The death toll continues to rise by the hour.

The bombing has to stop.

Indivisible continues to support the recommendations from progressive foreign policy leaders, compiled by the Center for International Policy, for ending the war and protecting Israeli and Palestinian lives. The necessary first step is for US leaders to push for a cessation of hostilities to prevent the further loss of civilian life and escalation of human suffering. 

This crisis is a challenge to our humanity. It calls us to lean into our solidarity, with our communities at home and with those on the other side of the globe, to fight anti-semitism and Islamophobia alike. It calls us to stand bravely for the basic principle that human lives are precious. And it calls us to advocate for peace, urging our elected officials to do the same.

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