Email Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Tell Him What Happened to Brittany Watts Must Never Happen Again

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In case you missed it, in the latest chilling example of the MAGA war on women, a grand jury in Ohio recently considered whether to indict Brittany Watts, a woman who miscarried a nonviable fetus at home, with abuse of a corpse (you can read more from The New York Times here). On Thursday, January 11th, a grand jury decided not to indict -- but what happened to Brittany should never have happened in the first place.

We urgently need Governor Mike DeWine to speak out about Brittany's case and make clear that Ohio law does not and should not ever support criminalizing someone for experiencing a pregnancy loss. What happened to Brittany sends a chilling message to women about seeking medical help in times of need, potentially putting their health and lives at risk. And we must ensure it never happens again.

Below is a draft email to Governor DeWine. You can edit it or add to it before sending, below.

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