Tell your WI State Senators: Vote NO on the un-democratic GOP power grab

Republicans in Wisconsin are trying to break democracy in a blatant power grab to entrench their own power. After losing all statewide elections in November, the GOP controlled legislature has called an “extraordinary session” to push through a package of un-democratic bills that will strip powers from the incoming Democratic governor, attorney general, and secretary of state. If that wasn’t bad enough, the legislature is also trying to cut early voting hours to two weeks and move the presidential primary. The latter move will cost taxpayers millions of dollars and is intended to reduce turnout for the state Supreme Court elections in an effort to maintain GOP control -- a last ditch attempt to protect their awful gerrymander.

In classic GOP fashion, they have been trying to sneak this through hoping that no one will notice -- that’s why they released this bill package last Friday afternoon. After a committee hearing today (that was originally scheduled for one minute but dragged on all day), they are gearing up for a floor vote in the Senate and Assembly tomorrow morning. If just two GOP Senators defect, we can kill this.

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