Tell your Republican MoC: No Trump Tax Scam

Republican leaders in the Senate released a new Senate version of the Trump Tax Scam that includes a repeal of the individual mandate. Repealing the individual mandate, which requires that every American have health insurance or pay a penalty, was the centerpiece of the Republicans’ failed effort to pass the “skinny repeal” bill in the Senate in July. Numerous major health care groups have come out strongly against the idea of repealing the individual mandate, saying that it will lead to “a significant increase in premiums, which would in turn substantially increase the number of uninsured Americans.” And that’s on top of the massive, permanent corporate tax cut the Republicans want to pay for by putting an expiration date on parts of the scam they say help the middle class.

That means that, more than ever, the tax fight = the health care fight and the health care fight = the tax fight. We know the game plan from the last time we beat them on health care. We need massive constituent pressure on Republicans to tell them to reject the Trump Tax Scam. Call your Republican MoC and tell them: no tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. NO to the Trump Tax Scam.

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