Tell your Senators: Prayers are Not Enough

Gun violence is all too common in the United States, and disproportionately impacts people of color. But despite strong public support for policies that could help stem the tide of violence, Republicans in Congress refused to act while in the majority. Or, if they did act, they worked to advance the gun lobby’s agenda, making the problem worse.

Then, when Democrats took control of the House and took action to pass gun safety measures for the first time in a decade, Republicans attempted to insert anti-immigrant language at the last moment. You can read more in our resource here.

Unfortunately, 26 Democrats joined Republicans in adding the anti-immigrant language into the final bill. It's clear that Congress must take action in response to the tragedies that happen every day in our country. The Senate should come back from August recess to pass S. 42, which is the companion to H.R. 8 and does not contain the problematic language House Republicans forced into that bill.

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