Tell your Florida State Senator: Protect Voting Rights in Florida

Last November, Floridians made history by passing Amendment 4, a constitutional amendment that restored the right to vote to 1.4 million Floridians, with 65% of widespread voter support. This was the largest re-enfranchisement at one time since the Nineteenth Amendment gave women the vote in 1920. And it's in danger. The Florida legislature is currently advancing two bills that would restrict its implementation by expanding the crimes that are exempt from Amendment 4 and altering the definition of "completion of sentence".

SB 7086 changes the definition of “completion of sentence” to require full payment of judge ordered restitution and fully paid court associated fees with exceptions for payment plans and civil liens. It also expands the list of crimes that would exempt a person from voter eligibility.

HB 7089 changes the definition of "completion of sentence" to require full payment of all court associated fines and fees, and even those not imposed by a judge. It also expands the list of crimes even more so than the Senate bill.

Call your state senator today and tell them to protect voting rights in Florida!

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