Tell your MoC to pass a strong Dream and Promise Act

Family separations happen every day in the U.S. -- not just at the border. 

Dreamers and TPS holders remain at risk of deportation due to Trump’ elimination of protections for these groups. This bill would provide permanent relief to Dreamers, TPS holders, and DED holders. Read more here.

Update: The House is going to vote on the Dream and Promise Act (H.R. 6) the week of June 3, once they're back from Memorial Day recess. The Republicans are sure to offer a "motion to recommit" (which is a last-minute, bad-faith procedural maneuver to try to split the Democratic caucus that they used to try to sabotage other legislation earlier in this Congress); Democrats need to hold strong, reject the motion to recommit, and pass H.R. 6.

Call your MoC and tell them you want them to pass a strong H.R. 6 bill -- without watering it down. 

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