Tell your Senators: No additional money for the wall

Mitch McConnell is still refusing to put legislation opening the government to a vote—that means he’s complicit in Trump’s shutdown. There is no reason the Senate shouldn’t immediately act on the various bills the House has passed to reopen government. But instead of addressing this most urgent issue, McConnell keeps trying to bring unrelated bills to the floor for a vote.

The urgency to keep up the pressure on our Senators only gets higher the longer this shutdown drags on. It’s Congress’s responsibility to fund the government, a responsibility that McConnell is now abdicating. Slowly but surely, more Senators in McConnell’s Republican caucus are coming out to say the Senate should vote to end the shutdown. We need to make sure that drumbeat continues, and that Democrats keep staying strong until the Republican dam breaks, forcing McConnell to put the House legislation to a vote.

Read more about the shutdown here. Tell your Democratic Senators to oppose all legislation in the Senate until the government is reopened, and tell your Republican Senators to pass the House funding bills and reopen the government.

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