Tell your MoCs: No beds, no boots, no wall

Government funding expires on Friday, Feb. 15. If Congress is unable to agree on a DHS funding package by Friday, the government could partially shut down again. We’ve said from the beginning that this was a fight not just about the wall, but about Trump’s whole deportation force -- and that what we wanted was no beds, no boots, no wall. Unfortunately, the conference committee assigned to tackle the shutdown has come to a deal that crosses those lines.

Here’s what’s in the bill:

- Increased funding to jail immigrants and asylum seekers (more “beds”)
- Increased funding for immigration officers (more “boots”)
- Funding for the wall

This bill will cause lasting, irreparable harm to immigrants, refugees, and their families for years to come. We don’t want a government shutdown. But choosing between protecting immigrants and keeping the government running is a false choice. Read more about the shutdown here.

Call your MoCs and tell them: vote no on the conference agreement!

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