Tell your Republican MoC to protect democracy

H.R. 1 has passed the House, and represents a major win in the fight to protect our democracy. The original package was already very strong, and as it moved through committee, it got even stronger.

But there’s more! Democrats also successfully defeated a Republican Motion to Recommit (MTR) -- which was a procedural trick that Republicans have been weaponizing to water down progressive legislation once it came to the House floor. Unfortunately, six Democrats supported the Republican MTR, which would have inserted anti-immigrant language into the bill. Read more here.

Now that H.R. 1 has passed out of the House, we need to make it clear to Republicans that we will not stand for their obstruction when our democracy faces such urgent threats. Call your Republican MoC and tell them that you’re angry they voted against H.R. 1 and that it’s time to protect our democracy.

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