Demand Your Representative Publicly Condemn Steve King (R-IA) and Support Censure

This weekend, a lot of people got to talking about the latest comments from Congress’ very own racist-in-chief Steve King (R-IA) to The New York Times: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization -- how did that language become offensive?”

This isn’t surprising. And it was hardly the first time. 

Steve King is actually Trumpism, purified. But thanks to the blue wave YOU built in November House Democrats, with a simple majority vote, can (and should) censure him. Republicans should also speak out against his unapologetic racism. 

Censure is one of the mechanisms available in the House to punish one of its own members for misbehaving or for jeopardizing the integrity of the institution. Once a Representative is censured, they must stand before the full body of the House and receive a public rebuke. Even though only a simple majority is needed, it is important to have bipartisan support in order to prevent censure from being misused (or dismissed) for political purposes.

Call your Representative now and ask them to publicly condemn Steve King and his latest, racist remarks and publicly support his censure.

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