Tell your MoC: Don't Let Trump Fire Mueller

The New York Times has now reported what we’ve long suspected: Trump wants to fire Special Counsel Mueller, and has already tried to do so. His attorney prevented the firing, but that doesn’t mean that the independent investigation is safe.

What’s worse, the Republican smear campaign now includes a fake scandal known as #ReleaseTheMemo. Rep. Devin Nunes has written a document with misleading talking points designed to undermine the Mueller investigation and paint a target on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s back (he hired Mueller in the first place after Jeff Sessions recused himself). This is an effort to give political cover to Trump and the Republicans in their quest to impede the investigation and obstruct justice. Learn more here.

Ask Congress to prevent Mueller from getting fired. It is the duty of Congress, as a separate co-equal branch of government, to guard against abuses of the Executive Branch. That’s why the framers of the Constitution created separation of powers. Our elected officials need to speak out and make clear that firing Mueller would be a red line that Trump must not cross.

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