Tell your MoC: Stand against Family Separation

Trump created the family separation crisis, his executive order is not a solution, and Congress must not enable Trump’s preferred solution of detaining immigrant families. The only reason why Trump backed down at all was because of the public fury from constituents like you. Members of Congress need to continue to hear from you that they must not capitulate to Trump.

What can you do? First, stop Republicans from making this situation even worse. Congressional Republicans could still try to codify Trump’s executive order, or vote to give DHS more money to create family jails. It’s on us to keep the pressure on and make sure that any efforts to these ends fail. Second, make sure Democrats are doing more to protect immigrant families. Chances are that if your MoC is a Democrat, they’re on record supporting keeping families together. They can do more. They can and should withhold support from any effort to codify family detention facilities, and vote down any spending package that increases funding for ICE and/or CBP.

Take action today and call!

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