Write a Letter to the Editor about Your Republican Representative's Ridiculous Biden Revenge Impeachment Inquiry

  • Context

    After almost a full year in the majority,  House Republicans have nothing to show for it. Instead of actually governing, they spent the year jumping from one political antic to another and giving in to the MAGA extremists in their caucus. To recap: they’ve had two ridiculous, drawn-out Speaker elections, held the debt ceiling hostage, and threatened to shut down the government twice. 

    They not only failed to govern, but despite their efforts, they also failed to find any real evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden. But that’s not stopping Mike Johnson from pushing forward with an empty impeachment inquiry anyway to – once again – pander to the MAGA extremists in his party. 

    It’s a shameless attempt to distract us from the fact that Republicans haven’t accomplished anything this year. But instead of course-correcting to deliver policies that help their constituents, they’re launching a baseless attack against President Biden. 

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  • Talking Points

    Condemn Political Games: Express strong disapproval of the House Republicans' handling of the Biden impeachment inquiry, labeling it as a political game aimed at damaging the President's reputation.

    Highlight Diversion Tactics: Point out that this inquiry is a tactic to divert attention from the Republicans' lack of accomplishments and the criminal charges against former President Trump.

    Criticize Misplaced Focus: Emphasize the misplaced priorities of the Republicans, including the named Representative and Speaker Johnson, for attacking President Biden without evidence instead of focusing on real issues like budget approval and community impact.

    Expose the Lack of Evidence: Highlight that even after extensive investigations and document reviews, Republicans, including some from their own party, acknowledge the absence of evidence against President Biden.

    Demand Focus on Real Issues: Urge the Representative to shift focus to substantive matters like reducing costs, strengthening the economy, and protecting essential programs like Medicare and Social Security.

    Call for Ending the Impeachment: Advocate for an end to what is viewed as a baseless and empty impeachment process, urging the Representative to prioritize issues that truly matter to the voters.

    Hold Representatives Accountable: Warn of electoral consequences in 2024 if the Representative continues to prioritize partisan loyalty over the district's needs and real progress.

  • Writing Tips

    Focus on one topic. If you have two, write a second letter.

    Obey those word count limits. If your letter gets long, write a second letter.

    Be clear and concise—you only have around 200 words or less to make your point.

    Be yourself. You don’t need to talk like an academic or a policy expert. Remember, you’re a smart, passionate constituent who’s paying attention, one who other constituents might identify with—and that’s the most powerful thing you can be.

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  • Sample: Republicans' impeachment inquiry is nothing more than political revenge
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