Submit a Letter to the Editor About Your Republican's Support of Idaho Abortion Ban

  • Context

    Republican members of Congress prove time and time again that they just can't resist the urge to attack reproductive rights, and the Idaho v. United States Supreme Court case is no exception. 121 Republican members of Congress have aligned themselves with the restrictive Idaho abortion ban, challenging the tenets of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act and inviting the deadly consequences that could result from this Supreme Court decision. These Republicans have filed an amicus brief in support of Idaho's law, which has cruelly narrow exceptions for abortion and conflicts with federal law requiring hospitals to stabilize patients with emergency medical conditions. Check to see if your member of Congress is on the list here.

    This brief is more than a mere legal stance; it represents just the latest concerted push to weaponize the legal system to attack abortion nationwide. By siding with state law over federal protections, these lawmakers are advocating for a world where pregnant patients are necessary medical interventions until they are on the brink of death and doctors who provide emergency care are criminalized. It’s a clear signal that the sanctity of life-saving healthcare is being overshadowed by a political agenda aimed at banning abortion outright, consequences be damned.

    The last thing that these Republican lawmakers want their voters to know is that they would rather a pregnant patient be pushed to the brink of death than receive life-saving abortion care. If you see your member of Congress' name on this list (or several of your members of Congress), write a letter to the editor now to make sure your neighbors know about their dangerous and potentially deadly position.

  • Talking Points

    If you want to write your own letter to the editor instead of using the draft that we provide, that's great. Be sure you hit on the following points that are critical messages to deliver to your neighbors, and be sure to call out your Republican member(s) of Congress by name!

    1. Highlight the Amicus Brief: Emphasize that your member(s) of Congress signed an amicus brief supporting a dangerously restrictive abortion law in Idaho, which conflicts with federal protections under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA).

    2. Stress the Health Risks: Clarify that the law endorsed by your member of Congress narrows critical exceptions for life-saving abortions, forcing women to be near death before they can receive necessary care.

    3. Legal and Ethical Implications: Discuss the ethical and legal predicaments healthcare providers would face under this law, which could criminalize them for performing emergency medical procedures.

    4. Political Over Personal: Point out that your member of Congress' support for this law is a clear preference for political gains over the health and safety of women.

    5. Call to Accountability: Urge the community to hold your member of Congress accountable for their actions in the next election, promoting candidates who prioritize women’s health and rights.

  • Writing Tips
    • Be Concise: Keep your letter within 250 words to maximize the chance of it being published.
    • Focus Your Message: Stick to one main idea and support it with two to three strong points.
    • Use Personal Stories: If applicable, personalize the issue with real-life implications or testimonies.
    • Be Respectful and Factual: Maintain a respectful tone and rely on verified facts to strengthen your argument.
    • Call to Action: Conclude with a specific call to action, encouraging readers to reflect, speak up, or vote.
  • Sample: Our Member of Congress' Dangerous Stance Threatens Women's Lives
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