Email Your Republican Representative and Tell Them You'll Hold Them Accountable for Revenge Impeachment Inquiry

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After almost a full year in the majority,  House Republicans have nothing to show for it. Instead of actually governing, they spent the year jumping from one political antic to another and giving in to the MAGA extremists in their caucus. To recap: they’ve had two ridiculous, drawn-out Speaker elections, held the debt ceiling hostage, and threatened to shut down the government twice. 

They not only failed to govern, but despite their efforts, they also failed to find any real evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden. But that’s not stopping Mike Johnson from pushing forward with an empty impeachment inquiry anyway to – once again – pander to the MAGA extremists in his party. 

It’s a shameless attempt to distract us from the fact that Republicans haven’t accomplished anything this year. But instead of course-correcting to deliver policies that help their constituents, they’re launching a baseless attack against President Biden.

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