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5 pm - Happy Hour Election Recap - this Friday - Where we talk about Stuff of the Week

Arlington Heights, IL 60005
When: Friday, December 9, 5:00 PM

Note: Starts at 5 pm…. we show the 5 pm happy Hour as 5:45 to accommodate those that arrive late .. so they can register and get on Zoom with us.. the time is moved approx 15min before the meeting..

It's Friday Night .. It's 5 PM .. do you know where YOU should be? Talking about "Stuff" with fellow Northwest Suburbs OFA - Indivisible Progressives...

At our Happy Hour ... Every Friday night ..

It's Where we Talk about Stuff!!!! Elections (just around the corner) and the Happy Stuff from this week: 2.6% 3rd Qtr GDP .. low new unemployment fillings 4th week about 120,000 …… Oct 261,000 NEW JOBS .. UNEMPLOYMENT at 3.7% .. issues that are uniting Democrats … New Inflation Reduction Act (Climate and Tax) to be approved, Chip Act Approved, Kansas vote 61% in favor of Pro-choice with a turnout this last week of double reg off yr elections.. Biden had a Great Week!

Here's your Zoom link for 5 PM ...

End your week off with fun, lively conversations ... What happened this last week.

"Nothing has Changed but Everything is Different" .. Nothing has Changed: That's the "Stuff" were talking about. Who won in sports - professional and your kids games, where you went on vacation, Biden's accomplishments, Local politics, "Stuff" that made you laugh, pissed you off, made you say "what????". But, Everything is different .. Politics has gotten Ugly and Dangerous .. We must defend democracy ..

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