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We've reached a new low: The Trump Administration is systematically ripping kids away from their parents at the border in an effort to deter immigrants from coming to the U.S. This is as cruel, inhumane, and disgusting a policy as you can get. And Republicans in Congress are doing nothing to stop it--instead, they're doubling down on Trump's anti-immigrant agenda. Let's do something about it. They work for us--and this isn't who we are.

Between June 29th and July 9th, Members of Congress will be in their districts for recess, and that’s your opportunity to make your voice heard. Show up at their district office, at district events, or even at campaign events and make sure they know that Families Belong Together.

If you're planning an event for the June 30th national mobilization, please register it here. To see if an event has already been registered in your area, check here

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