Tell your Members of Congress: Prayers are Not Enough

Now that Democrats have retaken control of the House, they have the opportunity to change course and do more than extend “thoughts and prayers.” On January 8, 2018, House Democrats introduced H.R. 8, a bill to do just that. This legislation requires background checks on all gun sales, including private sales and online. Read more about H.R. 8 here.

It’s time for Congress to pass meaningful legislation to reduce gun violence -- starting by passing H.R. 8 in the House. Call your MoC and tell them: co-sponsor H.R. 8 to close background check loopholes, prevent gun violence and make our communities safer.

Note: there is also a background checks bill in the Senate. So, after you call your Representative, check to see if both of your senators have co-sponsored S. 42 and urge them to do so if not.

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